Friday, April 1, 2016


It is hot, hot, hot!!!!!!! And by the looks of it, it will not get cooler any time soon! As we all know, hot weather tends to slow our children down, and often gets hem in a bad mood. It is up to us to keep them hydrated, and maybe even cheer them up in the process.

Whether it is to pack in their lunch box or to treat them after school while working on homework, here are some ideas for cool and refreshing snacks.

1.     Frozen Grapes  - Grapes are delightful on a really hot day! Give them a quick rinse and let them drain, and then roll up in a clean kitchen towel and place in the freezer for a couple of hours. Frozen grapes are almost like little mini sorbets in bite size pieces.

2.     Cucumber Ice Water  - A glass of ice water with a single slice of cucumber in it! How refreshing it is! Take a small jug and fill it with water and ice, and add 3 slices of cucumber and leave it for a couple of minutes. It adds a refreshing flavor to the water, and you can keep filling up the jug with water with the same cucumber slices a couple of times and still get a nice flavor.

3.     Plain Yogurt with frozen berries - Dr. Jonny Bowden, the author of The 150  Healthiest Foods on Earth, recommends stirring in a handful of frozen berries or cherries into a cup of plain yogurt. The frozen berries instantly, slightly freezes the yogurt, creating faux frozen yogurt treat.

4.     Seedless watermelon - Slice seedless watermelon just out of the fridge into individual triangle-size pieces and put them in a stainless steel bowl with plenty of ice.

5.     Apples - An apple a day could help keep you hydrated, as the fruit is 84 percent water. And remember, and apple a day keeps the doctor away!

6.     Pears -. These hydrating fruits are 84 percent water.

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