Thursday, March 14, 2019


The Knowledge Review Magazine, an online educational magazine, talks about Educational Institutions throughout the world, their courses & polices, educational technologies,  innovators and their success stories; and most importantly, strategies & tools to prepare today’s students for tomorrow.

It is with enormous pride that we share that in their January 2019 edition, DISCOVERY SCHOOL was showcased in a 4-page article as one of the 10 Best Latin American Schools! This recognition is the fruit of the dedicated work of our teachers, parents and students throughout many years! #GoWolves!
If you have not yet read the complete article (and shared it with your family and friends) please do so! This is definitely worth bragging about!!!!


Monday, March 4, 2019

The Early Childhood and Elementary are pleased to announce their annual, but upgraded,
Dr. Seuss’ Read A Thon, which will take place throughout the month of
March (March 4-29). The Elementary’s goal is for each student to read as
many books as possible throughout this month.

How does the New Read -A- Thon work?
Every time the student finishes a book the student must choose one activity
from the chart below, and present that activity to the teacher.
Do not forget to mention the title and author of the book you read.
These are short activities, they are not elaborate. (We want to make sure that
you actually read the book and understood what you read).
How can you present the activities?
  • You can send your teacher a short video explaining one of the following activities below.
  • You can conference with your teacher, explaining one of the following activities below.
  • You may also present your book activity to the class.
Every time a book is read and signed off by your teacher, a sticker will be
added to a Ten Frame. For every 10 books, Dr. Seuss gets another stripe on
his hat.

Activity Choices: (The activities may be repeated).
Write a 2-3 paragraph
letter to your favorite
character in the book.
Tell us 3 - 5 new things
you learned
(Non-Fiction Books)
Write or videotape a
book review stating
your opinion of the book
and the reasons for it.
Create a digital poster,
or other advertising
the book.
Draw your favorite part
and share it, writing
a small caption on
why you chose that part.
Write an original poem
or song about the book.
Share some interesting
facts about the
author of the book
Compare and Contrast
two books by the
same author
Convince another
person to read
your book
Think of another
cool activity
for your teacher to OK.